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Trail User Trackers

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

The Isothermal Planning and Development Commission has installed three counters along the Thermal Belt Rail Trail this Spring.

"It was fun to watch the new numbers coming in from the counter now in Forest City around Mile 11. It went live on June 12 so the stats you see for that counter are not for an entire month." -Jerry Stensland

They are excited to share the results from June as well as an overview of the first 3-months of information with you.

At Mile 2.5 we have an average of over 100 people using the trail during the week with double that - over 200 people - on the weekends. Way to go friends! We are so happy to offer this trail for your personal fitness and wellness and hope that it becomes part of your routine.

In June, Mile 7 (that runs through downtown Spindale) had 6,755 users! This number represents over 3,400 pedestrians and 3,350 cyclists.

So excited to see Mile 11 up and operational! On its busiest day, Saturday, June 13th, 2020, over 460 people enjoyed the stretch coined as 'Restaurant Row'.

Lastly, this 3-month drill down at Mile 2.5 & 7.0 shows that our mild Spring had users taking advantage of the trail and we are getting a lot of use on the trail!

Bear in mind - we are not able to count people unless they pass a counter on their trip - like walkers who start in Gilkey, never reaching the Mile 2.5 counter.

Social distancing while on the trail is imperative during this time of COVID-19. Please stay to the right at all times so those passing you or going in the other direction can do so safely.

Want to know more? Want to look at other months? All stats are now housed on the RPO website at this link:

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